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What our parents have to say about Mini Musicians-

Brookfield and Chicago

Parents and kids love Mini Musicians- Brookfield and Chicago!

Highly recommended!!!!!! Ms. Clara's music classes are so incredibly perfect for
encouraging children to learn important social etiquette including sharing, taking turns,
and cleaning up after yourself. My son is generally shy in group settings,'s truly
amazing how quickly he opens up and participates by singing and performing the
musical gestures.

He's in his 3rd class, and we have already signed up for the next session. Another
awesome thing is that each class consists of different songs while keeping a few
favorites to maintain familiarity for the children. Plus, my son and I sing the songs
together at home which often helps when things get a little crazy...if you know what I

We've had a chance to meet the other teachers as well, who are also amazing,
because Ms. Clara works with you if you need to miss your scheduled class. Love to
see my son enjoying himself so much.

- Nathalie B., mom of one mini musician

I can't say enough about how much we value Ms. Clara's music class. My daughter has
been in class since she was 4m old (2.5 now) and every session I'm blown away by the
new skill she's learned in music class. Whether is waiting her turn, rhythm, a new song,
or connecting lyrics to real life events - she has learned so much from music class.
We use the clean up song at home and my little one (14 months) loves it when I sing
songs from class. She lights up and does some of the motions, too!

Ms. Clara is wonderful with the children and is also really easy to work with as a
professional. She is willing to listen to parent feedback on class times and makes class
a great social experience for parents, too!
- Kara S., mother of 2 mini musicians

Both of my sons (2 1/2 years and 11 months) are in music classes with Miss Clara. They
love every minute and they love hearing the music outside of class as well. One day, we
had one of those days where nothing was making them happy. I tried everything I could
think of to keep them busy, different toys and activities. No matter what, they were
whiny, crying, and just simply unhappy. Then I turned on Miss Clara's music from class.
They both stopped and listened. One began clapping and the other began dancing. We
listened and sang until nap time. It was amazing! Miss Clara saved the day!
- Susi M., mom of 2

This is my daughters favorite place! She asks everyday when her next music class is.
She can't wait to sing and dance with her friends. This class has taught her more songs
than I can count, given her confidence and helped her make friends. I would suggest
these classes to kids if any age. We have been going to Ms. Clara's for 7 years! It truly

is something you cannot teach your own children at home. You have to try the classes! -
Lindsey J., mom of three mini musicians

I signed-up my 6 month old for Ms. Clara's music class and we love it! Initially, I didn't
understand the impact Ms. Clara's class had on my son until one day we were driving
and he was cranky and crying in his soon as I started singing the songs
from class, he was silent and engaged in every note I sang. It was remarkable! I
wished I had tried it sooner! I sang the 'shaker egg songs' and the songs we sing with
the sticks-you'll see what I'm I'm talking about. It's fun, educational, they learn turn
taking, musicality, social skills, oh and it's good for the parents too- I made some mom
- Jamie H., mother of 1 mini musician

Birthday Party Testimonials

Birthday Party Testimonials

We had a great experience renting Ms. Clara's Joyful Learning Center for our 4-year old
daughter's birthday party as well as having Ms. Clara give her Mini Musicians session
for the first part of the party. The space is great and kid-friendly with lots of flexibility
(chairs and tables for both kids and adults that can be easily setup taken down
depending on whether its cake/pizza time or play time and depending on how many
parents stay for the activities). There is a kitchen area with good size fridge and counter
for setting up food and there is a pizza place next door that walked over our order even
though it was outside of their normal business hours. There were 19 kids in total and
they really enjoyed Ms. Clara's music class portion and she did a great job in
entertaining them and also keeping them in control throughout the music session.


Overall we thought the place and the class were great and we really liked the flexibility
both in terms of the room layout, how long you could rent, and what type of classes/
sessions you could elect or not elect to have- this made the planning a lot easier and
Ms. Clara was very responsive to our questions during the planning phase.
- Thomas J., dad

We had my son's 4th birthday there.
All kids and parents had a blast! Younger siblings had a space to crawl or run and a lot
of fun as well.
-This location has everything needed for a party: kitchen, fridge, tables, chairs, kids
chairs/tables, a lot of space for play.

-Ms. Clara was super helpful with all questions I had (and I had a lot!), she also helped
with arranging party, decorating and had a lot of really useful advice.
-Music part was so funny and energetic, parents also had a lot of fun and thanked us for
choosing this location and inviting them.
It was my first time hosting a kids party, and with Ms. Clara's help it was not stressful
and it definitely was a success.
- Maria M., mom


We had a wonderful time celebrating our son's first birthday at Ms. Clara's Joyful
Learning Center! The space was the perfect size for the number of guests in
attendance and I was grateful for the flexibility to bring in outside decorations, food and
drink to complement the party theme (by the way, Barones down the street has

delicious pizza!). Ms. Katherine did a fabulous job guiding the children through a semi-
structured music class - truly a highlight of the party to see my son and the other

children having such a great time!! I would definitely recommend this venue to others
for a perfect rental space for children's birthday parties!
- Shannon L., mom

We held our 4yo daughter's birthday party at this center last weekend. Ms. Clara was
amazing! She was incredibly kind and has a beautiful voice. She instructed a group of
children ranging from 4yo to 11yo in a series of musical lessons that kept them engaged
and happy, while all the parents watched (a challenge in itself). We also had a
"Princess" visit the children at the party and they were unbelievably excited about this...
overall the party was a huge success! If our schedule permitted it, we would sign up for
music classes for the kids because Ms. Clara clearly has something special with this
learning center.
- Megan F., mom

We had my son's 1st bday party at the Joyful Learning Center. We had about 50 people,
adults and kids. Ms Clara did musical entertainment for the kids at the party and the
kids really liked it. The party was a success! :)

We also love our weekly Mini Musicians class. My son has so much fun. Ms Amy is our
teacher and she is great!
- Kelly Jo, mom

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Chicago Mini Musicians is a satellite location for the Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians. Originally founded in 2011 as Ms. Clara's Mini Musicians, we have shared our love of music with over 2000 families for 12+ years!


$79 / month

Monthly tuition is based on a 44 week year as we are closed for eight weeks for various holidays. In the long months, you will get five classes, and in short months such as November and December, you will get three classes. Most months you will get four classes. The tuition is the same each month.

A one-time registration fee is $20 (due only at the time of registration)

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