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Frequently asked questions by parents of mini musicians

  • How long are your sessions?
    We are open year-round and do not require session minimums. Every student in our program is here on a month-to-month basis. There are no long term contracts, and you can join us / cancel at any time. Should you decide to discontinue classes, simply contact us via phone (708) 704-1716 or email by the 15th of your final month and we will discontinue the automatic charges to your credit card.
  • Can we start any time?
    You are welcome to register anytime, and the website will automatically prorate your tuition based on the number of remaining classes in the month.
  • How is parking at your Chicago location?
    There is ample Pay-To-Park parking along Irving Park. There are also first come, first serve diagonal free spots on both side streets: Christiana and Spaulding.
  • Which class should I choose if my child is right on the cusp?
    Often times, we find that the parent can make the best decision in this regard. All children learn and grow differently, and some thrive as being leaders while others highly benefit from watching older kids in class. As your child nears the age of the next class level, your teacher is happy to consult with you to decide when the best time will be to move to another class. And because we have no semester minimums, you are welcome to move to the next age level during the first week of any month.
  • Do you have classes for working parents?
    Yes, we offer weekday and weekend morning classes. Our full schedule is available online.
  • Do you offer trial classes?
    We are happy to offer $5 demo classes for new students, and these can be scheduled during any of our regularly scheduled classes. We also offer demo class events throughout the school year. The best way to keep updated on these events is through our e-newsletter, so please click here if you are not yet subscribed. *Demo classes are subject to availability.
  • Do you have any drop-in or “punch card” classes?
    We are currently not offering drop-in or punch card classes. Particularly in our younger classes, class cohesion is a necessary component in the success of our program. We have found that drop-in classes feel “unsettled,” and children and parents do not receive the full benefits of our program in this setting. Furthermore, it is important that we stay within our class size range of 4 - 10 students, and this is very difficult with drop-in classes.
  • What happens if we miss a class? Can we make up missed classes?
    Students can make-up classes during any other regularly scheduled classes during the session by contacting Ms. Clara via email or phone (call / text). (708) 704-1716 *Subject to availability.
  • Do you have sibling classes?
    While our classes are age-specific, families are welcome to bring siblings to class together. We help you determine which class level is best for 2+ children to attend together, and we offer up to 50% discounts for sibling(s) to attend a class that is out of their age range. Click here to learn more about our sibling classes!
  • Can more than one parent or family member attend class?
    Yes! Up to two caregivers may attend class with your child, and if you do anticipate more than this (ex: visiting grandparents), we simply ask that you let us know in advance.
  • What are your COVID safety policies?
    All of us at BAMM take your family's health and safety very seriously. Please click here to view the steps we are taking to ensure a safe environment for you and your child.
  • What instruments do you teach?
    Because our student base is so young, we do not teach specific instruments such as violin or trumpet. However, in each class we play a wide variety of rhythm instruments including: a drum, rhythm sticks, shaker eggs, jingle bells, sand blocks, and the triangle. We also incorporate bouncing balls, a large parachute, beanbags, and more to enhance our musical education. We also begin to use xylophones in our Mighty Maestros class. Please see our videos on each class page to learn more.
  • What can you possibly teach an infant?
    We love being asked this question because one of the most rewarding experiences we have as infant music teachers is watching parent’s absolute amazement at how many skills their infant picks up in music class every single week. Yes, it’s true that perhaps 4 – 12-month-olds may not be ready to shake a shaker egg to the beat or tap the triangle without assistance. In all likelihood, they may prefer to try to eat the rhythm sticks rather than tap them together. But don’t let that fool you! Neurons are firing like crazy, and infants are taking in every subtle nuance that will ultimately lead to an explosion of musical and non-musical skills. Check out our Benefits page to learn more about the research on the benefits of interactive music classes on infant brain development.
  • How long are your classes?
    Our classes range from 30 to 45 minutes, based on class level.
  • How much do your classes cost?
    Our 8-week Introductory Summer Session starts at $183. The tuition includes a custom-illustrated lyric coloring booklet as well as access to our "Songs on the Go" (a professional recording of all songs from your child's class.) A one-time registration fee is $15 (due only at the time of registration)
  • Do you offer financial assistance?
    We do not have an official financial aid program, but please contact Clara D’Onofrio directly to ask specific questions regarding your family’s financial situation. We never want money to be the only reason your child is not benefitting from our enriching classes.
  • How do I discontinue classes?
    Our music curriculum is designed to grow with your child, and we see the most developmental growth in children who attend classes year-round. However, we understand that circumstances may change periodically, and you are never committed to more than one month at a time. All classes are offered on a month-to-month basis and payments are processed on the first of the month. To discontinue classes, contact Clara D’Onofrio by the 15th of your last month. Any cancellation requests made after 11:59 pm on the 15th will be charged one final month, regardless of whether or not classes are attended.

Looking for baby classes near me?

Sign-up is easy and parent-friendly. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material fees, and no semester minimums.

Chicago Mini Musicians is a satellite location for the Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians. Originally founded in 2011 as Ms. Clara's Mini Musicians, we have shared our love of music with over 2000 families for 12+ years!


$79 / month

Monthly tuition is based on a 45 week year as we are closed for seven weeks for various holidays. In the long months, you will get five classes, and in short months such as November and December, you will get three classes. Most months you will get four classes. The tuition is the same each month.

A one-time registration fee is $20 (due only at the time of registration)

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