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Songs & Stories on Stage

For older kids ages 5 - 7

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Songs & Stories on Stage

Let your child’s imagination shine! Through drama games, improvisation, and a little song and dance, your little one will explore classic fables to develop his/her creative expression, enhance teamwork, and increase vocabulary and critical thinking skills. This class will culminate in an original fairytale to be performed for family and friends!

The final Parent Showcase / Performance on August 21st is low-pressure, informal,  and 100% optional. The location is TBD, but we plan for it to take place outdoors as we hope parents and other caregivers plan to attend. (No charge for attendees.)

*It is highly recommended that 5-year-olds take at least one session of Mighty Maestros before joining this class.

2020-2021 Class Schedule*

Summer Session: July 10th – August 14th
Parent Showcase / Performance: August 21st

This is being offered as an indoor class, and all CDC guidelines and safety procedures will be closely followed.

*All dates are subject to change. 

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We take your child's safety very seriously.

All classes and camps strictly follow CDC guidelines & recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child learn in the Songs & Stories class?

Your child will have a blast learning about the different elements that make up most fables and fairy tales (heroes and villains, anyone?) and physically exploring what they’ve learned through acting games and music & dance activities. They’ll also get a chance to collaborate on their very own tall tale!

What's the #1 reason to sign my child up for the Songs & Stories on Stage class?

If your child is always “playing pretend” or dreaming up fun stories or songs on the go, this is the class for them! Students will share their creativity in a fun, hands-on way while making discoveries and newfound friends in this socially-oriented (and safely-distanced) class.

Does my child need to be able to read to participate in this class?

Your child does *not* need to know how to read to participate in this class. We will focus on improving comprehension, vocabulary, and listening & speaking skills while also aiming to increase reading motivation and vocal expression.

What will the Parent Showcase / Final Performance entail? Does my child have to participate?

On our last day of class, we will share with loved ones what we have learned through a relaxed, casual presentation. Participation in this showcase is completely voluntary and does not preclude your child’s contributions to the class as a whole. Join us for fun, frivolity, and a first-of-its-kind folktale!

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