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What can you possibly teach an infant?

Hello from Ms. Clara! I love being asked these questions because one of the most rewarding experiences I have as a teacher is watching parent’s absolute amazement as their infant responds to our music classes, both in class and at home.

Yes, it’s true that perhaps 4 – 12 month olds may not be ready to shake a shaker egg to the beat or tap the triangle without assistance. In all likelihood, they may prefer to try to eat the rhythm sticks rather than tap them together. But don’t let that fool you! Neurons are firing like crazy, and infants are taking in every subtle nuance that will ultimately lead to an explosion of musical and non-musical skills. 

We have all heard infants and children referred to as “sponges” that soak up everything around them. In the first 18 months of life, neural pathways are being created so fast that if adults could replicate the amount that infants learn during this time, every one of us would be a modern day Albert Einstein. 

I’ve heard music is beneficial for infants, but is there research to back this up?

The research on the benefits of interactive music classes on infant brain development is astounding, and one definite result of the research is that babies who engage in active music lessons show a higher level of development in multiple areas than babies who simply listen to music. Language development, self-soothing and self-discipline, creative expression, fine and gross motor skills, and both verbal and nonverbal communication are just the start of the many benefits of early childhood music classes. 

Interactive music classes also provide the infant’s developing brain with the stimulation necessary to develop “intelligent music listening skills.” Cartoons, YouTube videos, and pop music simply do not have enough variety and complexity to truly train an infant’s ear to fully appreciate music and develop these advanced listening skills.

And don’t forget…if nothing else, music classes are fun and friendly!   

Each session, we have parents coming to class raving about a new behavior they saw in their infant that was a direct result of music class. Whether it’s clapping, making new sounds, tapping blocks to a beat, or calming down immediately when they hear songs from class, the infant mind is developing faster than at any other time in our lives.

But don’t forget that in addition to all of the invaluable benefits your child will gain from participating in an interactive music class, our classes also simply provide a fun and joyful way to spend quality time with your little one. The classes are packed full of fun and laughter, and they are a fantastic way to meet other local moms, dads, and caregivers with children the same age.

It brings us so much joy to see parents and children making friends with one another in our classes. Nearly every week our teachers overhear caregivers exchanging phone numbers after class! 😄

Ms. Clara's Final Notes 🎶

Having been offering early childhood music classes in Brookfield for over 13 years, I can personally share that I have had COUNTLESS conversations with moms, dads, and caregivers who attribute so much of their children's music skills, social skills, language skills, math skills, etc., to our music classes.

Many families have shared that they still play our songs at home and in the car, and that the songs are part of their daily routine... years later! It is indescribably heartwarming. 

I've also had parents tell me that they originally started our music classes when their child was around age two or three, but when baby #2 (or 3, 4, etc.) came along, they started them right at 4 months because they had experienced firsthand how beneficial these classes are for their children's overall development. 

But you certainly don't need to take my word for it, as we have many articles on our website with thorough research on this topicI have personally had the opportunity to meet and have mind-blowing conversations with some of the lead researchers in these studies, and these experiences revitalized my passion for providing quality musical experiences and education for infants and young children. It is my honor and pleasure to offer these classes to the wonderful families in our community!

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