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FAQ Fridays

“What’s up with these month-to-month classes?”

Thanks for checking out our first email in our FAQ Friday series! I know you're a busy parent, so I'm just going to dive right in. Please note that I answer these questions very thoroughly. If you are more "big-picture" than "detail-oriented," feel free to focus on the bolded statements. :-)

One of the changes I've made moving forward is that we are now offering year-round classes on a month-to-month basis. This means that there are NO semester minimums, no lengthy contracts, and no large upfront payments.

Why are we doing this? The reason is simple. We only want families in our community who truly want to be here... families who have experienced firsthand the immeasurable benefits of our classes and continue to come back month after month for the high-quality music classes, the skills they see their child(ren) learning, and the friendships they've made in our classes.

So what does this look like?

When you check out our class schedule online, you may notice that the classes run from March through August. Don't be alarmed! You are not committing to anything longer than one month at a time. These are the dates of the full school year, not the dates of your commitment. Families can join / cancel anytime.

Simply put, when you register online, you'll only pay for one month of classes plus a registration fee. Your credit card is safely stored on file with Sawyer (the highly acclaimed Kids Registration Software we are now using), and it will be automatically charged the monthly tuition on the first of each subsequent month.

We of course hope you and your kiddo(s) absolutely love the classes and wish to stay enrolled year-round, but if you need to discontinue at any time, simply let us know by the 15th of the previous month, and we will cancel all future payments. Whenever you're ready to rejoin, simply register online again. If your preferred class is full at that time, please be sure to join the waitlist as we anticipate being able to accommodate most waitlisted students within a month or two.

Does "year-round" mean that you're open 52 weeks a year?

While our classes are now offered year-round rather than in semesters, we will be closed for various holidays. Regardless of which day of the week your child attends class, each weekly music class meets 44 weeks / year. This means that sometimes we may have a full week off for Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.

If needed, these days may be used for make-up classes if any of our teachers needed to cancel class at some point and were unable to find a sub. (We do our best to make sure that doesn't happen!) Otherwise, no classes will take place during these breaks. You can view our scheduled breaks by clicking here.

How do I move my child up to the next age level?

One thing I love about this new month-to-month system is that you can move your child up to the next age level anytime rather than having to wait until the next session starts. It is up to you to decide when you feel your child is ready to level up. Every child is different, and your child's teacher will be more than happy to provide feedback on which class level is the best fit as he/she ages up through our program.

And the best part about it is that you have very little to do or to remember. Approximately two months prior to your child's aging up to the next level, you will receive an email and a text congratulating you that your child is reaching the age that he/she can advance to the next level soon. You will be given the options to: a) remain in your current class for now, or b) move up to the next age level the following month.

Once you decide that it's time to level up, we will provide the list of class days and times, and you select what works best for you. You will move into that class on the 1st of the following month if your preferred class is available. If not, we will add you to the waitlist and will move your child as soon as a spot is available (should not take more than 1-2 months).

Please note: Our age ranges are recommendations and not requirements. Always feel free to chat with me or your child's teacher if you have questions or thoughts about your child's placement.

If we're going to miss a week or 2, should we cancel that month?

Generally speaking, you are likely better off making up missed classes rather than canceling a month due to scheduled absences. It is quite likely that someone will fill your child's spot and you may find yourself on a waitlist when you try to return.

Makeup classes are unlimited and can take place anytime during which your child is consecutively enrolled. You can also gift your classes to a friend while you’re traveling!

Ms. Clara's Final Notes

I know this was a lot of information, as these FAQ Friday emails are designed to be referenced at your convenience when questions may arise for you. You are ALWAYS welcome to call / text / email me if you need additional clarification or simply don't like to read long emails. ;-)

Our music curriculum is designed to grow with your child, and we see the most developmental growth in children who attend classes year-round. However, we understand that circumstances may change periodically, and we are trying to offer you the most flexibility possible.

We can't wait to make music with your kiddo(s) now that our studio is reopening on March 1st!

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