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Ready for the next level?



We are excited to share with you that STUDENT is eligible to move up to the  __________ Maestros level as of _________ 1st! The ______ Maestros class is …… description  here. 


Our age ranges are recommendations, but not requirements. It is your decision if you’d like to  move up to the next level at STUDENT’S earliest eligibility (DATE) or wait until a later date.  

If you choose to wait until a later date, please select “Remain in our current class” and you will  be given this option again next month for a move date in ________, and so on.  


Please select one of the options below before __________ . Openings in each class are first  come, first served so we highly recommend selecting your preferred class ASAP. (If you  have not selected a new class by the above deadline, STUDENT will remain in their current  class level for this window of time.) 


I would like to… (select one) 

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