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Mini Maestros

$5 Demo Classes: August 27th & 31st

music classes for toddlers near me in brookfield il

Mini Maestros
$5 Demo Classes:

$5 Demo Class Form Below

We could list all of the enormous benefits of early childhood music classes, or share that we offer a skill-building curriculum that has been meticulously composed and compiled by founder Clara D’Onofrio over the course of 10 years, but what good is all of that if the classes aren’t fun and engaging for you and your little one?!


We invite you to join us for a $5 demo class to see for yourself why the Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians has grown so much that we're expanding to Chicago as Chicago Mini Musicians!


We do anticipate that these $5 demo classes will fill up very quickly, so we strongly encourage you to register early. And don’t forget to invite a friend to join you!

$5 Demo Class Request Form
Mini Maestros

Do we have permission to text you at this number?
Preferred day/time of your Demo Class. (One demo class / child)
$5 Demo Classes are nonrefundable. We are happy to reschedule your demo class at no charge if you cancel a minimum of 24 hours prior to the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just something fun to do, or will my toddler actually learn music?
We love being asked this question because one of the most rewarding experiences we have as early childhood music teachers is watching parent’s absolute amazement at how many skills their toddler picks up in music class every single week.


In addition to learning such musical concepts as beat and rhythm, high and low pitch, etc., our classes are structured just enough so that your little one will develop non-musical skills such as turn-taking, sustained attention, language and communication, and socialization in a nonjudgmental and playful environment.

What’s the number 1 reason to sign my toddler up for music classes at Chicago Mini Musicians?
Our teachers are highly talented and trained musicians, and they absolutely LOVE teaching early childhood music! They facilitate a fun, playful, and nurturing environment that will fully captivate your little one and inspire creativity and connection that extend far beyond the classroom. As an added bonus, our community is full of moms and dads who are just as eager as you are to socialize their little one and maybe even make a friend or two themselves!

I’ve heard music is beneficial for toddlers, but is there research to back this up?
The research on the benefits of interactive music classes on toddler brain development is astounding, and one definite result of the research is that group music classes provide young children with a foundation for success in not only music, but also in social and emotional development as well as academics. Experts say that music forms strong neural connections in the brain, and that these connections are the same as those used in cognitive skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and mathematics later in life.

And don’t forget...if nothing else, music classes are fun and friendly!
Each session, we have parents coming to class raving about a new behavior they saw in their toddler that was a direct result of music class. And in addition to all of the invaluable benefits your child will gain from participating in an interactive music class, our music classes also provide a fun and joyful way to spend quality time with your little one away from screens and home distractions. Our classes are packed full of fun and laughter, and they are a fantastic way to meet other local moms and dads with children the same age. It brings us so much joy to see parents and children starting lifelong friendships in our classes!

Music classes for babies and toddlers in Chicago, IL

Looking for toddler music classes “near me”?
We're the top choice for music and movement classes in Chicago!
We have the ideal class for you.
Specializing in early childhood music classes for infants, toddlers, & young children located in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago! 
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